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making and installing info for 9.0

I recently installed version 9.0 of emacspeak.

On reviewing the info files I found that when I tried to call a module
from the main menu info could not find it.

I thought the new info files had not been installed so I went back to
the directory into which I had unpacked emacspeak and did a 'make info'.
I then got a message
make: 'nothing to be done for info'

I have also now removed all the emacspeak info files that were in
/usr/local/info and tried again with the same result.

Originally I did not have the texinfo package of redhat 5.1 installed
but I have now installed that and am having the same results.

I have found the .texinfo files in the info sub-directory of my
emacspeak source directory.  Although texinfo is on my list of things
to learn I currently no nothing about it.

Solutions welcomed!

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