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Re: more questions

It is possible to run Pine and other applications from within Emacs using
the terminal emulator. Emacspeak provides screen reading functions which
make it possible to review the terminal window. However, in using
Emacspeak in this way, one loses most of the benefit of having a "speech
output sub-system" rather than a screen reader.

Emacspeak provides speech functions which make it very convenient to use
the e-mail software available for Emacs (especially the vm mail reader).
When you move to a new message, for example, Emacspeak gives you a
succinct message, which informs you of the sender's name, the subject of
the message and how many lines of text it contains. If you choose to read
the message, the headers are not announced as they would be with a screen
reader; Emacspeak moves straight to the text.

Documentation for vm is provided with the software.

Thus I think you will find that the benefits of using a speech-enabled
e-mail programme from within Emacs outway the effort of learning a new
mail package. The same can be said of the Emacs W3 web browser, which,
when extended by Emacspeak, uses audio style sheets to control the speech.
What this amounts to in practice is that different voices will be used to
highlight headings, lists of items, emphasis, etc., and that Emacspeak and
W3 together provide commands for navigating through tables efficiently.
Forms are also handled especially well.

The only reason why I am not using Emacspeak to send and receive e-mail at
the moment is that the network cable in the building where my computer
normally resides was cut when some construction work took place late last
year, and is still waiting to be repaired (the network on that floor is
rarely used and thus it has taken far too long for it to be fixed).

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