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Re: First install experience


Tomas, Bart, thanks a lot for the mbrola driver. After a trying
day during which I learned a lot the hard way, I have
emacspeak up and running on Jacques's computer. As far as 
Jacques is concerned, it compares favourably to what he's used
to under Windows. Of course, he doesn't have any experience of 
working with emacs yet. Neither do I. At the moment it feels as if
I'm struggling through a soup of obscurity. 

The driver works OK, but c-e c-s is necessary to revive it every now 
and then. It also seems to lose a word now and then, and some words 
are almost inaudible. "Appointment", for example. Compared to the 
TEST/*.au files, the speech is a bit of a let-down, unsurprisingly. 
Am I right that the mbrola driver doesn't support speech-speeds, or 
different tones for caps etc?

I was very confused by having .tgz, .tar.gz, and .rpm versions of 
packages around. I couldn't figure out which version was meant 
to go with which. I'll be clearer in a later mail, my computer is 
still at Jacques' place. 

Newbie-type frustrations at the moment: c-h i to read info from 
inside emacs just doesn't work, and neither does c-h F to read the 
faq. "info emacs" and "info emacspeak" from the commandline work 
fine. Are there perhaps some environment variables I'm not setting?
There aren't any auditory icons either, although I set the 
environment variable referred to in the Makefile 
(EMACSPEAK_PLAY_PROGRAM, I think, = na_play). I couldn't find splay 
on my system. If I cat them to /dev/audio, the icons work fine. (Not 
ring.au, though). (The fr2 database, also, is rejected by mbrola as 
being too old).

more detail later, and thanks a lot again,
--jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\

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