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Re: reading logs with emacspeak

Would it be easier to define a new key sequence which moves down a line and
reads the new line from the cursor to the end of the line?  I would find this
useful in several types of files.  Not being a E-LISP expert, I would think
this would be pretty easy to implement.  What does anyone else think?  thanks!

>>>>> "bb" == bart bunting <bart@socs.uts.edu.au> writes:

bb> what about a minor mode say we call it emacspeak-log-mode.
bb> it would do the following.
bb> this is just off the top of my head.
bb> take a log buffer.
bb> determine the length of the longest line.
bb> put the buffer in table mode split into columns for the date elements and the message following the date.
bb> thus allowing you to move up and down through the messages without hearing the date.
bb> speak the date asociated with a message on request.
bb> hide all messages of a specific date.
bb> as in hide all messages on same day same hour same etc ....

bb> jump to next day hour min etc.

bb> what do people think?
bb> would something like this be useful?

bb> Bart

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