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Just a couple of questions

Hi peoples,

I'm new to this list, so forgive me if I ask questions which have been
asked before. I tried checking the archives, but there was'nt anything

I'm running emacspeak 9.0 on a RedHat linux based system (RH 5.1,
emacs 20.2). The system is working well, but I have a couple of

1. I am getting zombie processes from the "play" script from within
   emacs. I don't know exactly what is meant to be played when these
   processes occur. I can hear the auditory icons if I have them
   turned on, but by default I have them turned off. I suspect its
   something to do with mail notification or some other auditory
   notification, but I don't know what as I don't hear the sounds. I
   just notice that when I check ps there will always be at least 1 or
   2 zombie processes associated with emacspeak and play. I'm not that
   worried about the zombies, but would like to work this out.

2. I want to run calc but can't get it to compile/install under emacs
   20.2. I guess its something to do with the changes in emacs
   internals from 19 to 20. Does anyone know of a version which has
   been fixed to run under 20.2? (I know this is'nt emacspeak 
   specific, but thought I'd ask before trying to track down a calc
   newsgroup or mail list).

3. I had to modify a bit of the code for vm to get it to run under
   20.2. THe documentation advises against this, but I find vm works
   so nicely under emacspeak I wanted to use it. Has anyone else who 
   might have done this had any problems?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions


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