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Re: still these auditory icons ..


> You need to have auditory icons turned on before the
> emacspeak-play-all-icons command will work. 

Thanks! They're working now. Completely out of synch with mbrola, 
though. Three icons, then half a word, another icon, and a disjointed 

It's probably my slow computer, I suppose (80Mhz, i486, 16Mb). 

Just a note: I was pretty disturbed to realise that repartitioning 
a hard disk with the software DecTalk for Windows95 installed, 
antagonizes the copy protection of the DecTalk. It's shut up! Beyond 
a warning message at startup, it's gone mute.

--jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\

p.s. Bart? How are the "oi" and the "tch" coming along?

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