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Re: Multiple Emacspeak sessions

Not yet, but it's on the list.  In the tests I'm talking about,
I have emacspeak running in one virtual console, and Ultrasonix
running in an X session in another.  What I normally do is
turn off the speech output in emacspeak before jumping over to Ultrasonix.



Raman said:
> I've suggested in teh past to Brian Selden that Ultrasonics
> should have a "dont talk" flag --I dont know if Ultrasonics
> implements its.

   Brian L. Sellden - brian@henge.com, http://www.henge.com/~brian
		     Just another hack at Gateway
	      User of Emacspeak 8.0,  making Unix talk.
	      What on earth would a man do with himself
		if something did not stand in his way?
		-- H.G. Wells

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