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installation help

I hope someone can advise me about getting started with emacspeak. I have
an internal doubletalk card, and have the dtlk driver installed and
running. It tells me "doubletalk found" on system startup and I can
redirect output to /dev/dtlk and hear it spoken.
I have installed and compiled emacspeak 9.0 on my system, which is running
kernel 2.0.34 and uses emacs 20.x (I forget the value of 'x' right now).
I find conflicting recommendations about where to put the startup code,
and I have half of it in "rc.local" and half in /etc/profile, and my
system hangs when I start it.
I am not sure which gets executed first, /etc/profile or
/etc/rc.d/rc.local, maybe that is my problem.
In /etc/profile, I have these lines:


and in the rc.local file, I have the code that starts the dtlk module,
followed by the line that runs the emacspeak.sh script, like this:


I forgot to mention that this is a Slackware distribution, and right now I
am running agetty from inittab and logging in from a serial port connected
to another PC. The line that references the emacspeak.sh script has to be
commented out to permit my startup procedures to run to completion. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated, except for two: upgrade my
kernel, and buy a Dectalk! :-)

Chuck -- Second Sight Software
Now using Linux and PINE

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