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Code formatting question

 control e d i  runs the command emacspeak-toggle-audio-indentation
   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `emacspeak-speak'.
(emacspeak-toggle-audio-indentation &optional PREFIX)

Toggle state of  Emacspeak  audio indentation.
Interactive prefix arg means toggle  the global default value, and then set the
current local  value to the result.
Specifying the method of indentation as `tones'
results in the Dectalk producing a tone whose length is a function of the
line's indentation. Specifying `speak'
results in the number of initial spaces being spoken.
>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Rebman <James.Rebman@Colorado.EDU> writes:

    Jim> Folks, I am trying to figure out how people are
    Jim> dealing with indenting in their code.  I know that
    Jim> emacs has nice auto-indent capabilities, and the
    Jim> spoken feedback that one gets when closing a
    Jim> structure with brackets, braces, and parentheses,
    Jim> is wonderful, but how does one determine what level
    Jim> of indentation you are at at any given point in
    Jim> your code.  I can imagine this would be a great
    Jim> place to have a braille display, but if there is
    Jim> some auditory means other than counting spaces, I
    Jim> would like to know about it.

    Jim> Thanks,

    Jim> Jim

    Jim> ------------------------------ James A. Rebman

    Jim> Technology - Enhanced Learning Laboratory
    Jim> University of Colorado, Boulder College of
    Jim> Engineering and Applied Science

    Jim> mailto:James.Rebman@Colorado.edu

    Jim> "Don't worry... Be happy!"  - Bobby McPherrin

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