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Emacspeak 9.0

I had installed emacspeak 5.0 a long time ago.  Since then I have whiped
out all 3 of my servers and I am now ready to try and restall it again.  I
first grabbed the emacspeak 9.0 rpm that is on blinux's ftp sight.  It
erroredsaying that it couldn't load dtk-voices.  So after trying t o
figure out why that one wasn't working I decided tog o straight to the
source and I got the emacspeak 9.0 tgz file from the cornell site.  I did
everything the Makefile said I put the environment varibles to match what
I wanted which was dtk-exp and port ttyS3 for linux.  I even tested with
the tcl but that also errored.  In the make it says if that errors then
its the cable or one of the other 3 possiblities.  None of them seem to be
the problem.

My quesiton is do I have to have xwin installed to get emacspeak working?
I just remember the last time I installed emacspeak I had xwin installed
and it went with out a hitch. NOw I have no xwin on my server and it is
being all kinds of trouble.  That or is the 9.0 version of the package
just not stable like the 5.0 used to be?

Or is the problem that I am using it on ttyS3 and the tcl test doesn't
work?  I use ttyS3 for other programs like svlpro and tests with my
doubletalk direct with just a simple

echo "bla" > /dev/ttyS3

I just used that as an example to show that I know the tty is ttyS3 I have
the dectalk attached normally when trying to get emacspeak running.

Ken /whistler

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