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Emacspeak for w32 platforms?

I use emacspeak on WinNT with a speech server I wrote over
15 months ago-- but have no plans to release it because I
dont have the time to support it or answer email. The speech
server is complicated by the fact that I wrote it for the
software Dectalk library, and the getting the license
manager etc correct are complex and I suspect likely to
differ from machine to machine.
From: Jim Rebman <James.Rebman@Colorado.EDU>
To: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
Subject: Emacspeak for w32 platforms?
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 16:48:51 -0700

Is anybody out there using the GNU Emacs for w32 platforms, and do they
have JFW scripts for it (the only way to get it to speak is to have
everything spoken which is way too much)... Or better yet, has anybody got
a speech server running for it under any of these platforms, that will
allow the use of emacspeak.

I have just started to use emacspeak in the past few weeks in one of my
classes, and absolutely love the way it handles code development,
compiling, and debugging, and would like to have this same level of spoken
feedback when I am forced to use my windows environment.

Thanks for any help or ideas...


James A. Rebman

Technology - Enhanced Learning Laboratory
University of Colorado, Boulder
College of Engineering and Applied Science


"Don't worry... Be happy!"  - Bobby McPherrin

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