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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

Ha, good to know. But too late!

I think I have suceeded in a nice lock out. Looks like reinstall time. 

But another thing:
I'm thinking about a CD-ROM which contains a live Linux file system 
and Emacspeak installed ready to go. All available synthesizers thrown in
including Mbrola server, Festival and Screader. You only would fire it
up as emacspeak.mbrola, emacspeak.dtk .. and so on. 

This would enable people to try out Linux and Emacspeak without any
partitioning work. Stuff which has to be changeable could be put into a
c:\linux\etc directory. 

This CD-ROM could eventualy based on RH 5.2 which seems to have a pretty
good hardware recognition. 

What do you think, would such a release be 
a) doable  and 
b) useful? 

Prize would be as usual about 7 USD with shipment _included_ (BTW, is
there another one using the brand name Cheap Bytes? :)


On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Brian Sellden wrote:

> Hi Hans -
> You said:
> > If you don't want X enhancements (but it runs in the Xterminal window
> > too!), then you'll grab emacs-nox-20.... Size difference between
> > emacs-X11-20 and emacs-nox-20 is about 100k (compressed).
> Let me echo other warnings about the no-x version of emacs.
> Many people have had trouble using it with emacspeak.  When it
> fails, it isn't just hard to use, it becomes unusable.
> You'll get totally locked out.  Use the no-x version at your
> own risk.
> Regards,
> Brian.

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