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Re: Emacspeak 9.0

Hans Zoebelein, 8 Feb 99,:

> But another thing:
> I'm thinking about a CD-ROM which contains a live Linux file system 
> and Emacspeak installed ready to go. All available synthesizers thrown in
> including Mbrola server, Festival and Screader. You only would fire it
> up as emacspeak.mbrola, emacspeak.dtk .. and so on. 

This would be just wonderful! I mean it. Otherwise you have to go and hunt 
for someone with the time and knowledge to install Linux, and if you're only 
using the computer for writing and reading, you wouldn't know such a person 
and wouldn't have much motivation to find one either. 

I think this is a very worthwhile idea. 

--jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\

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