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More questions on the zap command

Despite my best efforts, I am still unable to
send commands directly to a speech synthesizer
from within emacspeak.  The c-e d z command
asks for a string;  I type a string that is supposed to
(for instance) change the speech rate, and no change occurs.
If I exit emacs, and cat this
command string to the port, the change in rate does occur.
Please understand that I am not a total idiot.
I know I can change the dectalk's speech rate with normal c-e commands.
In truth I am trying to make the accent speech synthesizer work
with emacspeak.  It almost does!!
I just can't change its speech rate and punctuation mode with the emacspeak commands.
If I can learn how to directly communicate with the
port, then of course I will be fine.
Anybody have any such experience or advice?

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