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Re: log of a learning curve 02/14/99

Raman wrote:
> I assume you're running this virtual reality mumble in a
> term buffer  i.e. M-x term
> --and not M-x shell.
> If not, you should change over to M-x term --especially if
> the VR app is a full screen application.

I am teaching Ann how to do things as we go, and I have not yet introduced
her to the term buffer.  The VR can either be accessed through a full-screen
client program called TinyFugue (TF), or by telnet to a certain port on the
server.  In both cases, you have a command-line interface, except that in
TF, when the screen is full, you get a '--More--' prompt, and you have to
press Tab (with no newline after it) to get more.  Also, by default, when
you're in TF, the program is in what is called 'visual mode', in which the
screen is split into two 'windows', the larger oen for output from the VR,
and the smaller one for the commands you type.  This is helpful for sighted
users, but when Ann runs TF in Windows 95 in a telnet window (since she has
to telnet to a Linux server to use it), she has visual mode turned off.

OK, enough background information.  The reason I have told Ann how to get to
the shell using M-x shell and not using M-x term is because term doesn't
speak everything when it's in character mode, and I remember the bug I found
last week when I try to use term in line mode.  Maybe this bug is only
happening on my system, since Raman said he can't reproduce it, but I don't
know why it would only be occurring on one system.

There is also an Emacs module which can be used to access this type of
text-based VR.  I am working on speech-enabling this module, and I will
release the code soon; Ann will be its first real user (I've used it only
for testing purposes).


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