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Re: Mbrola-server for Emacspeak available as RPM package.

On 12 Feb, Greg E. Priest-Dorman wrote:
> Any way to use both at the same time?
> I am invisioning reminders and apointments, instead of interupting
> speech, coming in on another voice from another synth.  Or structural
> information about the document in one voice and the document in the
> other.  Perhaps not usefull, but it would be intersting.  Would there
> need to be two servers running?  One for each?
> Raman, how much of a nightmare would this be?
> It would be realy spiff to have the machine be able to tell me to stop
> reading 'cus I need to get to an apointment - without interupting the
> reading... 

There's been an announcement of a software sound mixer on freshmeat. I
don't know how far theses people are with their project, but with a
version of emacspeak that can be configured to use different output
channels one could very well imagine mixing all those channels
together and with for example mbrola_server as backend having them
mixed and output over ONE single soundcard.

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