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Re: log of a learning curve 02/14/99

Hi all,

<smile>  I'm going to be doing a great deal of talking about VR or MOO, and
so, before you guys start grumbling that I'm using this for gaming, let me
take one second and explain.

MOO, MultiUser Object Oriented virtual reality is becoming serious
business.  Folks are discovering that it can be used as a tool for
expanding k12 education opportunities for students, most notably in the
area of writing and language acquisition.  Yes, it started out some seven
or eight years ago as a way to play multi-user dungeoning games.  But now,
support groups are using it for chatting, school groups are using it, and
interestingly enough, some groups of business and medical personnel are
discovering its advantages as a way to meet in real-time.

So, if I talk about my need to access VR/MOO, you'll understand that this
is serious business for me.  I run the place.  I supervise school kids,
support groups and business meetings alike.  And, since the MOO runs on a
linux platform, my learning linux on my own system makes sense.

More later,
Ann P.

P.S., I find the fact that Linux can encompass the differing needs of many
people to be a plus as well.


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