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Re: Emacspeak phrase breaks

On 18 Feb, T. V. Raman wrote:

> 1) Festival is definitely the right way to go --as opposed
> to mbrola --MBROLA's reliance on the buggy freephone as well
> as its closed source does not make it an acceptable
> solution.

I couldn't disagree more. I can only guess, that you were testing the
mbrola_server written by Bart and extended a tiny bit by myself. We
have had and we --still-- have a big problem with runaway zombie
processes under tcl. But this problem is --not-- in --any-- way related
to mbrola. It is related to forking in tcl and of us not understanding
of howto accomplish this correctly. We have been trying for a long time
to find out what's going wrong and I have asked various times on the
blinux list and a few people directly, but haven't ever gotten neither
a reply nor a mere accnowledgement.

We've been testing various "lowbudget" solutions for speech, all
including a soundcard and the quality of mbrola output was ----FAR----
above all other solutions. The TTS system used with mbrola does --not--
have to be freephone. Freephone is just one of a few available
alternatives. It isn't in any way related to mbrola.

It is true that mbrola's not open nor free software. But it's authors
are --very-- responsive and helpful.


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