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Problem with Emacspeak and W3 on Ann's system

Last night, I upgraded the installation of Emacs on Ann Parsons' system from
19.34 to 20.3, using a user-contributed RPM (in Red Hat's contrib sectino). 
Then I installed w3 4.0.pre25, again using an RPM from the contrib section. 
While remotely logged on to her system as root, I started Emacspeak, using
for the TCL program a small shell script I wrote, which throws away the
commands sent to it.  This way, I can see the Emacs session and she won't
hear it.  Anyway, I tried to start W3 with Emacspeak running, and got an
error.  Here is a portion of the messages buffer that I copied to a file
after doing this:

Loading browse-url...
Loading browse-url...done
Loading w3...
Loading cus-face...
Loading cus-face...done
Invalid function: (macro . #[(&rest keys) "DDCDDDDEEDEFED" [keys eval-and-compile let keywords quote while or boundp car set] 11])

BTW, I'm using Emacspeak 9.0, which I built from the original source
distribution. (I later discovered that I could have used an RPM for this

Does anyone know what could be solving this problem?  Do you need more


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