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Error in term under emacspeak

I have a "minor" error occuring when I run an eterm under
emacspeak. This error does'nt happen when running under plain emacs,
only when I have emacspeak loaded. 

After executing "M-x term", I'm prompted wether to run /bin/bash as
the shell interpreter. I hit return to accept this and get the
following error -

error in process filter: Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, return [2 times]

I do get an eterm running which is usable, but there are some minor
problems such as a bit of a delay when entering characters (especially
backspace and other "special" characters). 

This has been a long standing problem which I've generally ignored as
I rarely need to use the eterm buffer. However, I would like to solve
this problem if possible. Any suggestions on where to look or what the
problem could be would be appreciated. 

I'm running emacs 20.3, emacspeak-10, RedHat 5.2 (with kernel
2.2.5), X windows 3.3.2 and the Afterstep window manager.
This has been a long standing problem (had it with emacs 19
and all earlier versions of emacspeak I have used). I had the same
problem under RedHat 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.1 as well. I suspect its
something misconfigured on my system, but this is only a guess. As
I've only run into this problem under RH distributions (I don't
remember having this problem when I was running under SunOS/Solaris -
but don't have this system available anymore to check. I recently did
a clean RH 5.2 install and found the same problem, so I don't think
its any of extra emacs packages I've installed as it happens witht he
stock RH emacs 20.3 rpms with no extra emacs packages. 

The problem only appears when running under X windows, so it could be
something relating to either X, the window manager or key mappings. I
suspect its a key mapping problem. Has anyone got any ideas? What
keymap does everyone use when running emacs under X? If it is a key
mapping problem, why does it only happen when running emacspeak and
not emacs alone? 

Any solutions, educated guesses or just possible things to check out
would be appreciated. 


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