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Chicken and Egg Problem Learning Emacs

Given that Emacspeak works so well and that my own philosophy is much
closer to the Unix fthan to the W95 approach to computing, I've really
tried to learn Emacs and/or JOVE.

Using a DOS comm program, namely Commo, I'm not finding this an easy task.
The screen reader doesn't seem aware of the Emacs cursor; this even makes
the tutorial tricky to work with.

Can anyone suggest an available primer on Emacs?  Are there any
command-line options that might make learning easier?

Many thanks, and apologies for bring up such an elementary question on
this list.

--Mail to: maxswn@citilink.com Maxwell@eskimo.com.  KA0IZH.  "Education is 
the sleeping pill that will make your dreams come true." --Peggy Hill.

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