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Re: Getting Started with EmacSpeak

Yes it works with the accent SA speech synthisizer if you get the older accent
package. Unfortunately I don't have an Accent SA here or I'd have debugged
the problems with the new server and got it to go.
I have however debugged the Artic Transport speech server and it goes a lot
better than it didn't before :-)
Regards, Kerry.
On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 11:26:02AM -0700, Kelly Ford wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can anyone give me the five minute version of what I need to do to start
> exploring this system?  Can I get it running on a partitian of my hard
> drive or do I need to dedicate a machine to it?  How much disk space for
> the operating system?
> Given that I am productive in Windows and my Unix shell account what
> benefits might I expect to find with Emacspeak?  I realize that Windows
> isn't for everyone but for what I need to be doing it has meet many of my
> needs.  I do want to investigate Emacspeak though so any good pointers to
> how to get the operating system and then Emacspeak installed would be
> appreciated.
> Of critical importance is to know if it will work with an Accent SA
> synthesizer?
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