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New Web search tool?

Your message is unclear.

>From anywhere in emacs you should be able to:

1) press C-e ? followed by a search engine 
specifier, and do the search.
The page you get back is live.

One caveat--

On pages that put the results away inside a table,
Emacspeak attempts to jump to the cell and turn the cell
into a stand-alone page.

There is a bug in the currently released W3 where the
links are not live in 
resulting new page --
this will be solved when we finally get around to releasing
a new W3--
unfortunately that package is  left without a maintainer at
this point.
>>>>> "Ann" == Ann K Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

    Ann> Hi all, I have noticed a problem with the new web
    Ann> search tool.  when used from other places in emacs
    Ann> besides w3, links that are pressed do not work.  Do
    Ann> I have to put a hook someplace to make this work,
    Ann> or am I doing something wrong?  thanks.

    Ann> Ann P.

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    Ann> http://home.eznet.net/~akp MICQ Number: 33006854
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    Ann> who wander are lost."  JRRT

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