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Re: emacs-w3 v4 SLOW!

Emacs/W3 4.0pre-39 works quite speedily on my system, which is equipped
with a 233 mhz PII processor. The compiled (.elc) files should be
installed in the same directory, under site-lisp, as the corresponding
source files. I would also suggest upgrading to Emacs 20.3. If there are
other users on the system, their processes will increase the over-all load
average and slow down your Emacs/W3 session (use the uptime command to
ascertain the current load average). Even if you are the only person who
is using the system, it can slow down if cron activates processes in the
background, for example to delete old log files, erase the contents of the
/tmp directory, etc.

Beyond this, there is little that I can offer by way of advice, although
without doubt there are other subscribers to this list who will be able to
provide more intelligent and well informed answers.

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