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Re: Installation question

One small warning about groups - on some systems, the serial devices
are all in the group root (as well as being owned by root). You may
not want to make your user a member of the root group as it could give
them access to files which you wouldn't normally want them having
access to - apart from obvious security concerns, having users granted
wider access than they need is not a good idea as it means there is
possibly more they can alter/destroy by accident. On UNIX type
systems, I think its always a good idea to run with the minimum
permissions necessary. New users to unix/linux are tempted to run as
root because it appears to simplify everything, however you only need
to be working late one night, thinking your in a sub-directory
somewhere and issue the command "rm -rf *" only to suddenly realize
when everything vanishes that you were running as root and just
happened to be in / rather than some minor sub-directory hierarchy. 


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