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Installation question

your serial device is probably only read/writeable by root
--change its permissions.
>>>>> "Lawrence" == Lawrence Baggett <baggett@euclid.Colorado.EDU> writes:

    Lawrence> I have installed linux on a PC, including
    Lawrence> emacs20.3.  I have then installed
    Lawrence> emacspeak10.0 successfully.  That is, root
    Lawrence> gets speech.  However, a second user that I
    Lawrence> have added does not get speech.  I have given
    Lawrence> that new user the same .profile and .emacs
    Lawrence> files as root.  These files are simple; they
    Lawrence> set the dtk-program to dtk-exp and the port to
    Lawrence> the correct serial port.  They both then call
    Lawrence> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/eamcspeak-setup.el.

    Lawrence> The permissions on that file, and all the
    Lawrence> emacspeak10.0 directory seem to be correct,
    Lawrence> i.e., rw-r-r.  The only thing I can imagine is
    Lawrence> that there is some "group" problem with my new
    Lawrence> user.  I don't know anything about changing a
    Lawrence> user's group designation, so I hope it's not
    Lawrence> that.  Any ideas?

    Lawrence> Thanks a lot.

    Lawrence> Larry

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