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Option list in W3


I've had following problem in W3:

if there is an Option list on the page, after you press Enter it
offers selecting my choice by Tab.

But if I select one of the options and then submit the form,
the aplication replies, that there's no record in the
database matching my query (the option list I choose from is
generated by the same aplication from the same data). So it's
propably a bug in Emacspeak. In other browser or in W3 without
Emacspeak it works correctly. 

I checked the source (file css.el), and I found following lines: 

     (if (featurep 'emacspeak)
 	(setq types (cons 'speech types))
       (if (eq type 'tty)
 	  (setq types (cons 'tty types))))
     (cond ....
I changed the condition about Emacspeak this way:

     (if (featurep 'emacspeak)
 	(setq types (cons 'tty types))

Then the Option list started to work the way it should. And more
- there are now brackets at the begining and at the end of links
and Text fields, which I think is very useful, especially when
you use also the braille display. It is then imediately clear,
what's link and what's not.

I know, this is not a system solution, but in this situation and
with my lisp knowledge it's maximum I could do. Do you know about
some other solution existing at this time? 

Best regards.

Jan Buchal
Brailcom, o.p.s.
Vyšehradská 3/255
128 00 Praha 2
Tel/fax: 420-2-299151
Mobil: 0603 412256
E-mail buchal@brailcom.cz

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