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Option list in W3

This is not a bug in either Emacspeak or W3, rather it's a
result of interaction between emacs used in double byte mode
and Emacspeak.

I do not currently support Emacs using multibyte mode for
in fact emacspeak makes every attempt to ensure that emacs
is in unibyte mode before starting up.
In your case (apparent from your next message) you're
clearly switching out of unibyte mode, and there is nothing
I can do at present.
From: buchal@brailcom.cz
To: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
Subject: Option list in W3
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 10:14:31 +0200


I've had following problem in W3:

if there is an Option list on the page, after you press Enter it
offers selecting my choice by Tab.

But if I select one of the options and then submit the form,
the aplication replies, that there's no record in the
database matching my query (the option list I choose from is
generated by the same aplication from the same data). So it's
propably a bug in Emacspeak. In other browser or in W3 without
Emacspeak it works correctly.=20

I checked the source (file css.el), and I found following lines:=20

     (if (featurep 'emacspeak)
 	(setq types (cons 'speech types))
       (if (eq type 'tty)
 	  (setq types (cons 'tty types))))
     (cond ....
I changed the condition about Emacspeak this way:

     (if (featurep 'emacspeak)
 	(setq types (cons 'tty types))

Then the Option list started to work the way it should. And more
- there are now brackets at the begining and at the end of links
and Text fields, which I think is very useful, especially when
you use also the braille display. It is then imediately clear,
what's link and what's not.

I know, this is not a system solution, but in this situation and
with my lisp knowledge it's maximum I could do. Do you know about
some other solution existing at this time?=20

Best regards.

Jan Buchal
Brailcom, o.p.s.
Vy=B9ehradsk=E1 3/255
128 00 Praha 2
Tel/fax: 420-2-299151
Mobil: 0603 412256
E-mail buchal@brailcom.cz

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