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Re: Linux for visually imaired with only a sound card

Software-only speech synthesis (that is to say, using a sound card to
produce synthetic speech without specialised hardware) is one of the weak
points of the Linux environment, as no satisfactory solutions are yet
available. Bart Bunting has developed an Emacspeak speech server for the
MBROLA synthesizer, which uses a sound card to generate speech; but this
speech server is, as I understand it, not yet ready for general use.
Apparently, limitations in the MBROLA speech software itself have placed
difficulties in the way of creating a fully functional speech server for

Nevertheless, I would suggest trying the MBROLA server, which may work
sufficiently well to satisfy your immediate needs. I can't remember the
relevant URL, but the Emacspeak mailing list archives are available at
http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~priestdo/emacspeak/ and if you search for
"mbrola", you should find the relevant announcements and discussion.

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