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Re: Random inserts

Jen -

Please try running this script, which asks the DECtalk to speak the
serial port and version number:

# try to send a string to the synthesizer via four different serial ports
for x in 0 1 2 3; do
    echo "trying $DTK_PORT"
    stty sane 9600 raw -echo crtscts <$DTK_PORT &&\
    stty -echo                       <$DTK_PORT &&\
    stty ixon ixoff                  <$DTK_PORT &&\
    echo "this is /dev/t t y s $x" [:version speak] $'\013' >$DTK_PORT )&
# if one of the above commands hangs, kill the process
    sleep 2; kill $! >/dev/null 2>&1

For what it's worth, mine says "this is /dev/ttyS0 version 4 3 release
AAX01 May 20 1996".  

If this script does not work, then I suspect it's a really old
DECtalk.  Is it a DECtalk Express?  A DECtalk Express has a small
plastic case, about 3 by 9 by 19 cm.  If it's much larger than that, I
suggest you try the DECtalk MV server, with something like this:

  export DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-mv

		- Jim Van Zandt

>Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 22:40:58 +0000 (GMT)
>From: kass@gondolin.hist.liv.ac.uk
>With the aid of several other people I've been trying to install and get
>emacspeak working on a friends computer.  One of the main difficulties is
>that we've done all the work via telnet and other means, as we're 3,000
>miles apart or so... makes testing things hard.  :(
>We've finally gotten it installed and booting up automagically when she
>logs in her user, however, it's currently pretty much unusable as it
>inserts 'period' and 'space' between every character.  We're not sure of
>the firmware version because it doesn't type out on the screen so someone
>could read it via telnet and using the command to get emacspeak to say it
>produces nothing but a squeal, all attempts to find another version have
>only resulted in emacspeak not working at all.  On occasion, seeminly at
>random, it begins working properly only to break again within a few
>The machine is a P333 running the most recent release of emacs, emacspeak
>10.0 with an external DECtalk (I'm afraid I don't always have regualr
>contact with the person who owns the machine to get exacts, and she
>doesn't always know)...  Anyway, any help that anyone can give me on how
>to get rid of the 'period' problem, or any ideas about what may be causing
>the 'space' problem other than firmware, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.
>Jen Goldberg
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