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Re: Emacspeak with the Accent SA

Lui -

The error message you report, "Process speaker not running", could be
due to many things.  Attached is a script "testit" which checks your
setup.  Please check that "strace" is installed on your system, then
execute the script and mail me the file log.tcl which it should

	      - Jim Van Zandt


rm -f log*

date >log.tcl
uname -a >>log.tcl

echo >>log.tcl
echo "----- device files" >>log.tcl
ls -l /dev/ttyS? /dev/dtlk /dev/audio* >>log.tcl 2>&1
echo "current user is `whoami`, who is a member of these groups: `groups`" >>log.tcl

echo >>log.tcl
efile=`which emacs`
echo "----- \"which emacs\" = $efile" >>log.tcl
emacs --version | head -1 >>log.tcl

echo >>log.tcl
efile=`which emacspeak`
echo "----- \"which emacspeak\" = $efile" >>log.tcl
head -25 $efile >>log.tcl

echo >>log.tcl
echo "----- exported Emacspeak environment variables" >>log.tcl
set | egrep '(EMAC|DTK)' >>log.tcl

if [ -f /etc/emacspeak.conf ]; then
  echo >>log.tcl
  echo "----- /etc/emacspeak.conf" >>log.tcl
  cat /etc/emacspeak.conf >>log.tcl; 

echo >>log.tcl
efile=`which strace`
echo "----- \"which strace\" = $efile" >>log.tcl
if [ "$efile" == "" ]; then 
    echo "strace not installed" >>log.tcl
    echo "please install strace before running testit"
    exit 1
strace -V >>log.tcl

strace -o log -ff -r -t -s 120 emacspeak all.in
file=`grep -l 'execve.*tcl.*tcl' log.* | head -1`

awk '/open.*emacspeak/{sub(/^.*\(\"/,"");sub(/\".*$/,"");print}' $file
tfile=`awk '/open.*emacspeak/{sub(/^.*\(\"/,"");sub(/\".*$/,"");print}' $file`

echo >>log.tcl
echo "----- $tfile" >>log.tcl
grep '\$Id' $tfile >>log.tcl

echo >>log.tcl
echo "----- $file" >>log.tcl
grep execve  $file >>log.tcl
echo "..." >>log.tcl
#egrep '(read|write|select)' $file |tail -500 >>log.tcl
tail -500 $file >>log.tcl

if grep -q 'execve.*ping-apollo' log.*; then
    file=`grep -l 'execve.*ping-apollo' log.* | tail -1`
    echo "----- $file" >>log.tcl
    tail -500 $file >>log.tcl

echo the Tcl process log $file is summarized in log.tcl

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