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voice-locking dialog?

I'm using emacspeak on my laptop to read to me while I drive. I'd like to 
read "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan and it has the interesting 
characteristic that the dialog is labeled with the speakers.  I've included 
a small sample at the end of this message so you can see what I mean. I'd 
like to use different voices to speak the parts of the different characters.

This seems like a perfect application for voice-locking. Before I go 
digging to figure out how to write my own voice-lock mode for this 
application I thought I would ask if anyone has written a mode for reading 
dialog like this.

Also, I'd like NOT to read the strings that indicate the speaker. I'm 
guessing I can fontify and then "hide" these using some elisp. Any hints on 


Sample of Pilgrim's Progress.

Pli. Come, then, good neighbour, let us be going. Then they went both together.

Obst. And I will go back to my place, said Obstinate; I will be no 
companion of such misled, fantastical fellows.

Now, I saw in my dream, that when Obstinate was gone back, Christian and 
Pliable went talking over the plain; and thus they began their discourse.

Chr. Come, neighbour Pliable, how do you do? I am glad you are persuaded to 
go along with me. Had even Obstinate himself but felt what I have felt of 
the powers and terrors of what is yet unseen, he would not thus lightly 
have given us the back.

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