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Accent server seems flakey?

Hello again:

I was fortunate enough to have someone answer my plee for help to call me at

Based on a 20 minute discussion and having me try to execute some basic
emacspeak commands, his conclusion was that there seeme to be a
compatibility issue with the implementation of the Accent SA server I'm

To reiterate:
On launch, emacspeak announces it is ready although the rate is fast.

using ctrl+e + r seems to have absolutely no effect on the rate of speech.
moving character by character or typing causes the word cursor to be
appended to each key stroke
lines of text seem to be jagged.  the first half is spoken, pause, and then
the 2nd half is spoken.

The TCL test program however, works fine.
Not mine as I have no idea what's going on yet, but the Accent program isn't
communicating with the TCL program.

Is there another implementation for the accent SA, would it be worth
reinstalling the entire emacspeak package?
Any other ideas/suggestions gratefully accepted.

If time permits, a phone call, collect, would be also welcome.  I live in
Alberta which is in the mountain time zone.
(780) 423-3519

Lui Greco
(780) 423-3519

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