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I'm having a problem with my external doubletalk.

Hi Rick--

Please post such messages to the emacspeak mailing list so
they get archived--
I'll copy this reply to the list for this time.
>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Hayner <rhayner@complink.net> writes:

    Rick> Hi Raman.

    Rick> I have a question for you.  I need to change
    Rick> either emacspeak or the doubletalk driver.  If the
doubletalk server --note terminology.
    Rick> doubletalk receives an at sign character followed
    Rick> by certain letters, it causes it to try and change
    Rick> modes.  I need to translate the at sign character
    Rick> into the word at.  This will prevent the problem.
The best place to do this --since it is doubletalk 
specific is in the doubletalk server.

Look at proc clean 
--this is the tcl procedure that cleans up text --at least
in the dtk-exp server.

Since the doubletalk server is a clone of the dtk-exp server
I assume it uses the same proc name --I dont know since I
didn't write it.

If it does have a proc clean --then it should have if else
clauses for punctuation all and punctuation some 
--add an appropriate regsub line for the '@' sign.

TCL is well documented online --and you should be able to do
what you need by classic cut and paste programing in this

If you make this change make sure to pass it back to the
author of the Doubletalk server (not to me)


    Rick> What I need to know is where is the best place to
    Rick> do this?  Should I do it to the emacspeak code,
    Rick> and if so, which file do I change.  If I need to
    Rick> change the driver, where can I find documentation
    Rick> on tcl and tclx?  I also need to make sure that
    Rick> this change will still allow the at sign to be
    Rick> spoken in say some punctuation mode, but not when
    Rick> all punctuation has been disabled.

    Rick> I've already talked to rc systems, and Randy has
    Rick> been playing with the doubletalk-lt firmware, and
    Rick> if he changes it in the firmware, then the people
    Rick> who need the doubletalk-lt to be changed to this
    Rick> other voice mode can't change it, so he asked if
    Rick> there is a way to do it in either emacspeak or the
    Rick> driver?

    Rick> Your help would be deeply appreciated.  sometimes
    Rick> when reading email, or looking at an email address
    Rick> the atsign character followed by the right
    Rick> combination of letters changes the mode of the
    Rick> doubletalk-lt, and the only way to get speech back
    Rick> again is to turn it off and back on again, which
    Rick> is a bit of a pain.

    Rick> Sincerely, -- Rick Hayner rhayner@complink.net
    Rick> Member spebsqsa, Baritone Kalamazoo Mall City
    Rick> Chorus.  Amateur radio station wa8jqv

Best Regards,

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