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>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Bishop <gb@cs.unc.edu> writes:

    Gary> I'm plowing ahead to figure out for myself how to
    Gary> change voices in this dialog.  It looks like
    Gary> voice-lock-set-personality is exactly what I
    Gary> want. It takes the beginning and end of a region
    Gary> and a personality. But when I try this it has no
    Gary> effect. I made a minimal little function to call
I'm not sure if I responded to this.

Make sure you have:
1) voice-lock turned on
2) Note that by default emacspeak uses 
lazy-locking --this is good 
because you dont have to wait for a long time for a large
buffer to be voice-locked --however, lazy-lock 
can sometimes make determining what is going on difficult
when you go in and set personalities on your own 
with voice-lock-set-personality
--depending on the major mode that the buffer is in,
lazy-lock might go in and re-voiceify the buffer,
--and since this voiceification happens based on the major
mode that is active --your own call to
--a transient thing in some sense-- gets overriden.

    Gary> it like:

    Gary> (defun try-voice() "fool with voice locking"
    Gary> (interactive) (let ((here (point)))
    Gary> (forward-paragraph) (voice-lock-set-personality
    Gary> here (point) 'paul-monotone)))

    Gary> I run this and it moves the point and doesn't
    Gary> produce any errors, but it doesn't change the
    Gary> voice for that section of text either. I'm missing
    Gary> something basic here.

    Gary> thanks gb

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