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Re: the BBC has moved

Bill Barry <barryb@proaxis.com> writes:

> It seems that RealNetworks has have removed all mention of rtsp from
> their website also. If you do a search for rtsp you get a lot of dead
> urls pointing to real.com. Even if you use the search on their home page
> http://www.real.com you get a lot of hits and the 5 or 6 that I tested
> are all dead. Are they backing away from an open streaming protocol?

Don't know, but I did find an SDK that might be of use:


I'm going to download it now.  I really want to listen to the BBC and WFBQ,
and realplayer has to rebuffer every 3 seconds for some reason (and this is
on a 128k ISDN connection) and sounds ridiculously choppy.

The SDK mentioned above comes with samples/intermed/testplay/ that says:

 *  Example client:
 *  This is an example client running without a graphical user interface.
 *  It could be used as:
 *    - Sample source to develop a customized RMA client.
 *    - A testing tool for plugins.

Might be a good place to start.... I can get it to compile but it doesn't
actually play any audio.  I don't know if it's just to test out the MIME
stuff and isn't supposed to, or if something is just wrong.

-Bill P.

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