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Success with IBM's outloud

Hello, listers!
I just successfully installed the IBM Viavoice Outloud. The
instllation was really easy and system didn't give me any particular
problems. Because of the multiple audio device of the SB Live! I am
actually able to listen to other audio streams rather than the
synthesizer itself. For example, while testing the synthesizer, I
could play MP3 files and actually listen to Realaudio. 

To which device does the audioicons go? As soon as I launched Outloud
server from inside the Emacspeak, my auditory icons disappeared. I
guess, the Emacspeak sends its audio toee the same audio device that
Viavoice. When SB Live sees a new request for Audio it creates a
/dev/dsp1 and redirects signals tot hat one. However, this doesn't
hapen with Viavoice and Auditory icons. By the way, ALSA drivers
cannot help in any way?

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