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Success with IBM's outloud

>>>>> "Victor" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:

    Victor> system didn't give me any particular problems. Because of
    Victor> the multiple audio device of the SB Live! I am actually
    Victor> able to listen to other audio streams rather than the
    Victor> synthesizer itself. For example, while testing the
    Victor> synthesizer, I could play MP3 files and actually listen to
    Victor> Realaudio.

Hmm, which drivers are you using for this? Are you using the ALSA CVS
drivers, or the Creative emu10k1 source? I just tried with the
creative version with no luck, but I seem to remember ALSA mixing
audio fine when I used its development drivers; I'm trying a new build
in a few minutes to see.

    Victor> To which device does the audioicons go? As soon as I
    Victor> launched Outloud server from inside the Emacspeak, my
    Victor> auditory icons disappeared. I guess, the Emacspeak sends
    Victor> its audio toee the same audio device that Viavoice. When
    Victor> SB Live sees a new request for Audio it creates a
    Victor> /dev/dsp1 and redirects signals tot hat one. However, this
    Victor> doesn't hapen with Viavoice and Auditory icons. By the
    Victor> way, ALSA drivers cannot help in any way?  Regards.  Voc

Hmm, did you get whatever package the notes file in the speech server
directory needs? I don't use auditory icons, so I haven't tested them.

And now a note for the archives and anyone else who cares: :)

I, too, just managed to get the ViaVoice engine working, and it's
sweet! (Well, almost. :) I'm having a few issues with the speech rate;
how does the ViaVoice's rate scale with the DECtalk's? 400, which is
what I typically use, was extremely fast, and I had to drop it down to
80. I'm still swaying between the DECtalk and the TTS engine; is there
some cool way to separate my speech server settings from within the
same .emacs? I.e. is it somehow possible to run Emacspeak with DECtalk
settings (400 WPM and character echo) during one run, and TTS settings
(80 WPM and no character echo) during another, if that makes sense?

And now, to the point. :) I managed to get the server running under
Debian. The problem seems to involve a clash between an old version of
TCLX and a newer TCL. The server doesn't build for TCL 7.6, and the
only provided Debian TCLX packages are 7.6. I just downloaded and
built the latest TCL/TK/TCLX and everything worked nicely. One minor
issue though: the latest TCLX claims to work with TCL 8.1, and the
build process makes assumptions about where version 8.1 is, even if
you're using 8.2B or whatever the newest version is. So, just symlink
tcl8.1.1 (I think that's it) to the directory where you're storing TCL
and everything should work. You'll have to do the same for TK, too.

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