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Gnus Problems

I'm having some problems running gnus under emacs 20.4 and 20.5,
emacspeak 11.0, linux 2.2.13 under X windows. I've not used gnus
before and don't know if the problem is specific to emacspeak 11. 

There are two main problems -

1. When I retrieve and article from the summary by using the right
   arrow (or n), only the first few lines on the page are spoken. If
   the article fills more than one page, subsequent pages are
   completely spoken OK - just the first page is incomplete. I usually
   hear the first 5 to 10 lines and then nothing. If I go forward (by
   hitting space) and then back (by hitting delete) I still don't get
   to hear the whole of the first page.

2. Sometimes when I select an article, the cursor in the summary
   window jumps back up to near the beginning of the mesage headers in
   the summary window. When I've finished reading the article I
   selected and hit the down arrow (or n key) for the next article,
   because the cursor is back near the top of the window, I have to go
   through all the articles I've already passed. 

both of these problems don't happen all the time. I have not been able
to work out why sometimes I get to hear the whole of the article and
only sometimes does the summary window cursor do this strange thing of
jumping back to the top. 

Has anyone got any ideas? Has anyone noticed similar behavior? 

On another issue - do you still need to have EMACS_UNIBYTE set when
running emacs 20.4 and 20.5 or is this only needed under emacs 20.3?


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