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Success with IBM's outloud

T. V. Raman writes:
 > Did you bother reading the NOTES file in the linux-outloud
 > directory--

I certainly did bother to read the notes. How do you think I would install
Outloud support otherwise? My question was a bit different. Why does
Emacspeak have to use MIDI to produce auditory icons. Would these be
the same icons, I suppose not 'cos they are .au files. Also, the
current drivers for SB Live! do not seem to support
/dev/sequencer. Do you think MIDI icons would still work?


 > it clearly tells you that emacspeak uses midi icons when
 > using outloud 
 > and that you need to install additional software to avail of
 > that.
 > >>>>> "Victor" == Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu> writes:
 >     Victor> Hello, listers!  I just successfully installed
 >     Victor> the IBM Viavoice Outloud. The instllation was
 >     Victor> really easy and system didn't give me any
 >     Victor> particular problems. Because of the multiple
 >     Victor> audio device of the SB Live! I am actually able
 >     Victor> to listen to other audio streams rather than the
 >     Victor> synthesizer itself. For example, while testing
 >     Victor> the synthesizer, I could play MP3 files and
 >     Victor> actually listen to Realaudio.
 >     Victor> To which device does the audioicons go? As soon
 >     Victor> as I launched Outloud server from inside the
 >     Victor> Emacspeak, my auditory icons disappeared. I
 >     Victor> guess, the Emacspeak sends its audio toee the
 >     Victor> same audio device that Viavoice. When SB Live
 >     Victor> sees a new request for Audio it creates a
 >     Victor> /dev/dsp1 and redirects signals tot hat
 >     Victor> one. However, this doesn't hapen with Viavoice
 >     Victor> and Auditory icons. By the way, ALSA drivers
 >     Victor> cannot help in any way?  Regards.  Voc
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