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Installing EmacSpeak

On my Debian Linux laptop I will plugin my DECTalk Express on COM1, fire
up the laptop and login as root, (or is it better to login as super
user). And install Emacspeak 11.0 from the .tgz file on a Windows 95
formated floppy. I can not type that well so could I please ask an
individual to write a batch file that would install emacspeak from a
floppy onto my hard drive,(D:)? I uncompressed the "Emacspeak-11.0.tgz"
in "c:\data\linux" useingWinZip 6.3 under Windows 98. My "c:" is my
Windows 98 drive. Please tell me if the batch file can be written, and
if so, please include instructions with the batch file you send me?

The Super Duper Guide Dog Dabney and
Angus D.F. MacKinnon, (Chapter President)
Foundation Fighting Blindness - Canada
E-Mail: mailto:dabneyadfm@home.com
Web Page: http://members.home.net/dabneyadfm

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