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Limited Offer on Talking Caller ID

Dear Subscriber:

Full Life Products (800-400-1540) announces the best value in Call Waiting
Talking Caller IDs to date.

CIDney Model 560CW talking caller ID will announce the 10 digit phone number
of your incoming caller and store the number in a 99 call log memory.  The
memory can be reviewed audibly with an audible day, date stamp.

If your phone company offers Caller ID deluxe (call waiting on caller ID)
the 560CW will announce the phone number of the incoming caller over its
built in speaker.

The 560CW (on sale through April tenth 2000 at $45.99, MSRP is $59.99)
boasts many additional features that can be reviewed at our text only web
page, which you can read by pointing your browser to:

Owner's Manual on audio tape available at $2.00.

Mention this announcement when ordering on or before April tenth and get
free shipping and handling in the United States.

Ken Hoover
Full Life Products

About Us:
Full Life Products (FLP), a new and growing company, is regularly adding to
its inventory of innovative Independent Living Aids.  We will be making
regular new product and special pricing announcements with referrals to our
"text only" website.

About FLP Announcements:
If the list owner prefers we discontinue product announcements on this list,
he or she may contact us at superprods@mailroom.com.  Please indicate
clearly the name of the list (and/or posting address) that you supervise.
You will be removed immediately from our announcements list with our
sincerest apologies.

This is not SPAM.
Although there are no laws governing SPAM, we have researched the proposed
legislation and have carefully designed these announcements with those
guidelines in mind.  If interested, you may refer to legislative proposals
number H.R.3888 of the 105th Congress.

You Can Help:
Because FLP is anxious to use mailing lists appropriately, we would like to
know which lists are open to this kind of announcement.  If you know of any
such lists, please submit the list name and address to

Thank You.

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