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Re: [OFF TOPIC] Re: Question on Linux Distros

Mandrake up to version 6.1 used the text installer.  I have put the
question to the Mandrake cooker list just in case it is still possible
to install 7.0 using the old software.

I have just started constructing the machine for my friend using
Mandrake 7.0 --- this is the first time I have installed from a bare
machine and so far, I have been quite impressed with the collection
of packages.  I do wish they had a faster way to select packages (weeding
out eye-candy was very tedious)

To get back on topic (grin), I realize I must include X to use the
RealAudio player, but is there any reason to keep KDE or GNOME? Do
these desktops add anything useful for an audio desktop?  I notice a
new package which is called KDE-Hotkeys and this suggests KDE may have
some value.  Has anyone tried this?  Is there any other window-manager
which would be better?

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