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Emacs keybindings under the console

While this isn't an Emacspeak-specific issue, I'm hoping that some of
you may have encountered it before.

When I run Emacs/Emacspeak under X, I have some cool keybindings at my
disposal. Hitting the right alt acts like M-x. I have C-home/C-end set
up to move to the beginning and end of a line, and C-left/C-right set up
to move left and right one word. Yet, under the console, none of these
seem to work. Similarly, I have C-/ bound to search-forward, but this
doesn't work.

I notice that all of these seem to be extended characters, and am
thinking that my terminal type can't handle them. What can I do about
this? I know that these key combinations work outside of Emacs, but
Emacs seems to be the problem element. Is it somehow possible to get
Emacs to recognize these key combinations, as it does flawlessly under

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