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Installing EmacSpeak

1) did you make the serial ports world readable and
writeable so you can use the dec express on those ports?

2) you say "the program didn't compile" which program?
Are you specifically talking about the outloud server, and
if so, did you install the Viavoice kit first?

>>>>> "Angus" == Angus D F MacKinnon <dabneyadfm@home.com> writes:

    Angus> I sat down with a Linux user today. We tried to
    Angus> install EmacSpeak 12.0 on Corel Linux 1.0. The
    Angus> program refused to compile. after upgradeing to
    Angus> 1.1, the glib libraries, (C libraries), and the
    Angus> TCl. We could get a compile happening of
    Angus> EmacSpeak 11.0. When testing out the DECTalk
    Angus> Express on COM1; the computer gave an input and
    Angus> output error. What is happening and can you help
    Angus> me fix it.? After upgradeing EmacSpeak 12.0 would
    Angus> compile and the ViaVoice Outloud gave the same
    Angus> error.

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