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napster and term


I'm sure something similar to this has been brought up before on this
list but I can't find any reference to it.

I've been using the napster client nap in a term buffer.  I can't use
the page up and down keys to move forward or backward through the
listed songs.

my general question is, how do you get page up and down to work in
term buffers, and what should your $TERM variable be set to?  mine is
set to eterm, changing it to vt100, linux or vt102 doesn't appear to
make any difference.

the more specific question is is this the best way people have found
to access napster, or is there a better client or method?

 I seem to remember mention of some cludge where you set the number of
 lines in a eterm page to some huge value say 1000 and you can just
 review it that way.  I can't find this variable either.

any suggestions/help would be great.


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