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napster and term

I use the napster.pl client --this is a complete perl client
for napster.
Works much better than the curses based client --this guy is
fully multithreaded etc.
>>>>> "bart" == bart bunting <bart@socs.uts.edu.au> writes:

    bart> hi, I'm sure something similar to this has been
    bart> brought up before on this list but I can't find
    bart> any reference to it.

    bart> I've been using the napster client nap in a term
    bart> buffer.  I can't use the page up and down keys to
    bart> move forward or backward through the listed songs.

    bart> my general question is, how do you get page up and
    bart> down to work in term buffers, and what should your
    bart> $TERM variable be set to?  mine is set to eterm,
    bart> changing it to vt100, linux or vt102 doesn't
    bart> appear to make any difference.

    bart> the more specific question is is this the best way
    bart> people have found to access napster, or is there a
    bart> better client or method?

    bart>  I seem to remember mention of some cludge where
    bart> you set the number of lines in a eterm page to
    bart> some huge value say 1000 and you can just review
    bart> it that way.  I can't find this variable either.

    bart> any suggestions/help would be great.

    bart> TIA Bart

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