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Re: napster and term

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <ramantv@earthlink.net> writes:

    T> I use the napster.pl client --this is a complete perl client
    T> for napster.  Works much better than the curses based client
    T> --this guy is fully multithreaded etc.

Sweet! Happen to have a URL handy?

I used to use jNapster, a Java napster client. It was line-oriented,
and was very easy to use. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be
maintained anymore. snap, another Perl client, is a bit better
behaved, though it's still yucky. As a kludg I've been doing searches
with specific bitrates and speeds, since the list of results is much
shorter, but this is still ugly and I'd like a better way. :)

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