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Hi all.

I've been playing with an Emacs package called Malyon which is an
interpreter for version 3, 5 and 8 Infocom format adventure
games. Using my still limited knowledge of Lisp I've written a couple
of functions to try and get it talking with Emacspeak. The coding is
barbaric to say the least (I still have to load it explicitly with m-x
load-file before I run Malyon), but I'm more than willing to give it
to someone more adept at Lisping than I to extend it further. I've got
game text speaking fairly well although it is a bit sluggish with a
lot of text. I still can't get it to read menus sensibly. 

If anybody's interested in seeing what they can do with it, email me
privately. You can get the latest version of Malyon from:

Hope this proves useful to someone.


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