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>>>>> "Ben" == Ben van Poppel <benny@netspace.net.au> writes:

    Ben> Hi all.  I've been playing with an Emacs package
    Ben> called Malyon which is an interpreter for version
    Ben> 3, 5 and 8 Infocom format adventure games. Using my
    Ben> still limited knowledge of Lisp I've written a
    Ben> couple of functions to try and get it talking with
    Ben> Emacspeak. The coding is barbaric to say the least
    Ben> (I still have to load it explicitly with m-x
    Ben> load-file before I run Malyon), but I'm more than
    Ben> willing to give it to someone more adept at Lisping
    Ben> than I to extend it further. I've got game text
    Ben> speaking fairly well although it is a bit sluggish
Look in file emacspeak.el for 
how to set things up so your extension loads when the
     package being speech enabled loads.

Make sure your extension is organized in a separate file
called emacspeak-milon.el
--even if it only a couple of functions --if it is useful it
will grow  --so you might as well prepare for success.
    Ben> with a lot of text. I still can't get it to read
    Ben> menus sensibly.

    Ben> If anybody's interested in seeing what they can do
    Ben> with it, email me privately. You can get the latest
    Ben> version of Malyon from:
    Ben> ftp.gmd.de/if-archive/infocom/interpreters/emacs/malyon.e.

    Ben> Hope this proves useful to someone.

    Ben> Regards, Ben

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Best Regards,

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